HBO Globes Party

HBO throws the party of the year after the Golden Globes. We have been lucky enough to cover this party since the days it was in a hotel suite and now it takes over the pool. Now here’s the pix from the after party at the pool of the Beverly Hilton 1/8/18 and my first job of the year was a winner.


Nicole Kidman sniffing her trophy and realizing it’s not real gold


Jack McBrayer was way more excited for the win then Alex Skarsgard


Mariah Carey took the twins out for the evening and let’s just say they were smashing


Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. I mean cmon. What’s better than these two? 


Buzz Aldrin checking out Gwendoline Christie has the same look on his face when he saw Earth from Space


Selma Hayek, Michelle Williams and Ashley Judd are not wondering what’s happened to the TWC party


Paris Hilton was pretty excited to show her ring off in the dessert room


Gena Davis has a face that stopped a clock  i mean that literally, like wow, she looks so amazing it’s like she stopped time. How do you do that?


Sharon Stone took her son to the party. I‘m pretty sure i saw him finishing random drinks when mom wasn’t looking  


Clifton Collins is dating one of the bots from the WestWorld Saloon


Westworld has some new cast members Tony Hale, Clea DuVall, Jimmi Simpson and Angela Sarafyan


HBO always does it up right. Everyone wants into this party. Lucky for y’all I got you covered.  




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