Not My Grammy's Grammys

The Grammys took NYC by storm and packed every club, hotel and restaurant in town with music lovers, music makers and music shakers. It was hard to find time in the schedule to sleep in the city that never sleeps. Every moment was packed with music, tributes and of course the big Grammy show from Madison Square Garden for the first time in 15 years. It costs a lot of money to do a show like this in NYC and it will probably be another 15 years til the Grammys comes back. But the show had a fresh sound and look this year. Maybe it was NYC. Maybe it's all the polarization in our world that turns us to promoting diversity in the face of adversity on the world stage. Whatever, it's nice to see the ladies getting their say, the Hip Hop artists getting their due and the Grammys realizing you can't be everything to everybody so just be what you are. You might not get what you want, but you'll get what you need. Enjoy the pix. It was an epic week.